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Youngstown Fantasy Football League

Rule Book





Fantasy Football League Rules: The Draft

Draft Day

Draft day will consist of a computer aided draft schedule including sixteen rounds of twelve draft picks (one pick per team per round).


Player Draft

The following is an example of how the draft will be conducted. Actual position is decided each year at the Sports Banquet for the following season. Consult the YFFL website for a listing of the current positional draft order.


Franchise Players

***NEW*** Each team will be allowed to choose one NFL player from their previous season roster and label them as a Franchise Player. The players designated will be drafted in the first round or “Keeper Round”.


Round 1:         Franchise Player Picks

Round 2:         Open round. Owners may draft ANY position

Round 3:         Wide Receivers

Round 4:         Running backs

Round 5:         Tight Ends

Round 6:         Wide Receivers

Round 7:         Kickers

Round 8:         Running backs

Round 9:         Defense/Special Teams

Round 10:       Quarterbacks

Round 11:       Head Coach

Round 12:        Quarterbacks

Round 13:        Wide Receivers

Round 14:        optional- any position (Def/ST, K, HC not permitted)

Round 15:        optional- any position (Def/ST, K, HC not permitted)

Round 16:        optional- any position (Def/ST, K, HC not permitted)


Ø      It will be necessary to be in attendance for the entire draft to monitor your roster.

Ø      Trading up in draft positions is permitted.

Ø       Trading, Free Agent Pick-Ups & Waiver moves may begin immediately upon conclusion of the draft at $1.00 per transaction.




Fantasy Football League Rules: The Draft

Draft Order

The draft order of the first round is pre-determined by order of finish of the previous season (the team winning the toilet Bowl will draft first; winner of the Super Bowl will draft last). Round two through round fourteen will be conducted using a “reverse style” draft method (ex. Team 4 has the 11th pick in round two and the 2nd pick in round three). See example below.


Ø      Exceptions will be granted to any expansion team(s)** entering the league by awarding them the first pick of the first round.


** Expansion teams are teams that add to the total number of franchises in the league. A change in an existing franchise name, color, or owner will NOT be considered an “expansion team”.


Example of Draft


Round:           2            3            4            5…..


Team 1                        2                      11                    9                      4         

Team 2                        4                      9                      1                      12

Team 3                        1                      12                    6                      7

Team 4                        11                    2                      5                      8

Team 5                        7                      6                      2                      11

Team 6                        3                      10                    12                    1

Team 7                        5                      8                      3                      10

Team 8                        9                      4                      11                    2

Team 9                        12                    1                      10                    3

Team 10                      6                      7                      4                      9

Team 11                      8                      5                      7                      6

Team 12                      10                    3                      8                      5


** The above is an EXAMPLE only… The actual draft order is computer generated, and will be made available to all owners several weeks before the draft is conducted. Consult the YFFL website for the current Fantasy Draft order.



Free Agent Players and the Waiver Wire Order.

Free Agents

Any NFL player NOT signed by a team after conclusion of the draft will be considered a free agent. Free agent players are available to add to any roster ($1.00 per transaction) provided that the fantasy team is not currently over the maximum of 16. Players are awarded on a first come first serve basis 10:00am Wednesday through 10:00am Sunday. Once a fantasy team drops a player to waivers, there will be a minimum of a one-day wait before any other fantasy team can pick up that player.


After the conclusion of the Monday night game, all free agents are available to be added to rosters. To give all Fantasy Teams a fair chance at picking up desired free agents, an e-mail or phone call to the league office must be made stating the Fantasy Team, NFL players name, position and team. Calls and emails must be received after the conclusion of the Monday Night game and by no later than Tuesday 10:00 pm. If more than one Fantasy Team is interested in the same player, the WAIVER WIRE ORDER WILL BE CONSULTED.



Waiver Wire Order


The Waiver Wire Order is simply a weekly ranking of all Fantasy Teams from WORST to FIRST. The order is determined by each teams overall record, points scored, and divisional points scored. The ranking is used to determine which fantasy team is awarded a particular free agent if more than one team is interested in the player.



Waiver Wire Order Week #9 (2000)                


 9. Cleveland Dawgs              

 6. Inner-City Ponies            

 1. Poland Raptors               

 2. Steel Valley Blitz           

 5. West Side T-Bones            

12. Harley Davidson Eagles       

 4. Austintown Cardinals         

11. North Coast Tidal Waves               

 7. A-Town Flames                

10. Giant Chicken-Hawks          

 8. Captain Morgans Lightning    

 3. BSU Death Toads            


Fantasy Football League Rules:  Waivers  


Owners wishing to release players from their roster due to injury, poor performance, or to free up roster space may place players on the “waiver wire”. The league office must be contacted anytime before the start of weeks play (10:00 am Sunday) to announce any waiver moves. All waiver moves are subject to a $1.00 transaction fee per player. Owners are free to place players on the waiver wire for the entire YFFL season.


Ø      Players that are placed on waivers on any given day will not be available to to be added to any roster until the player completes a one day hold or “waiting period.”



Fantasy Football League Rules:  Schedule & Playoffs

YFFL Full Season Schedule

Youngstown Fantasy Football teams play 13 regular season games and three weeks of playoff games. Each team will play its three division rivals twice and seven non-division rivals once. At the end of the YFFL regular season (Week 13), the top team of each division along with four additional “Wildcard” teams, chosen by overall record, will advance to the playoffs (Weeks 14, 15, 16).


Ø      The team with the best overall YFFL record will earn a first round “bye” in Week 14.


Ø      See example next page for a discription of the playoffs.



Undropable Players

At the beginning of the season, the Commissioner's Office deems certain superstar players "Undropable." What this means is that they are ineligible to be dropped directly to waivers. The reason this is done is to prevent collusion, so that a weaker team (such as one that will most likely not make the playoffs as the end of the season draws near) cannot simply drop their star players to waivers in order to be picked up by higher-ranked teams in their league.

The list of undropable players is determined and managed solely at the discretion of the Commissioner's Office, and will be updated as necessary in the event of an injury, decrease in playing time, decreased performance, etc. Note that the Undropable status does not affect your ability to move a player in and out of your lineup or trade him.



Each player becomes locked at their current position in the active roster or bench 3 hours before their team is scheduled to kickoff each week, with the exception being those players who are scheduled to play on Monday night. Players in Monday night's game must be inserted into a team's active roster by 5:00 pm Monday night for their stats to count. Players that become locked in your lineup may not be moved again until 12:01 a.m.  On Monday, when rosters have been set for the previous week of fantasy competition (including the Monday Night game.) Be sure to check the NFL Scores and Schedule prior to each week of NFL play.


Activating/Benching Players
You can decide which eight players to start for the upcoming game each week. The YFFL Homepage allows you to analyze each of your current players & review their year-to-date and previous week's performance. As detailed in transactions (above) roster moves involving a player may be made right up until that player is scheduled to begin play for the week.


Each team is required to have 9 players active at all times. As a result, when you make transactions during the week you must move a player to the bench or waivers when moving a player to the starting lineup.


Adding/Dropping Players
There are many players available in the player pools which you may want to pick up for your squad each week. The player pools may be searched by position from the YFFL homepage. These unsigned players are available to add to your team at all times that a player is not frozen. Each week, players are frozen -- may not be added to a team's roster, cut, or traded -- from the time they begin play until the end of the Monday night game. When all 16 slots on a roster are filled, a team must drop a player before or during the addition of a new player. See Waivers and Free Agency for more information on this matter.



Starting Lineups


A valid starting lineup consists of one of the following 9 positions/players:


            1 Head Coach

            1 Quarterback

            2 Running Backs

            2 Wide Receivers

            1 Tight End

            1 Kicker

            1 Defense / Special Team


Or you may choose the “RUN & GUN” offense consisting of:


            1 Head Coach

            1 Quarterback

            1 Running Back

            3 Wide Receivers

            1 Tight End

            1 Kicker

            1 Defense/Special Team


          Provided that all owners drafted correctly, there will be 11 or 12 players to choose from to designate a starting lineup. Carefully monitor any injured players and players that may have a “BYE” week, then email your starting lineups to the Commissioners Office.





          All starting lineups MUST be in by no later than 10:00 am Sundays or at least 3 hours BEFORE the start of any Thursday or Saturday NFL games. Lineups received after the 10:00 am deadline will not be posted and will automatically default to the previous or most recent weekly lineup.


          It is the responsibility of each owner to monitor his or her players. Any owner electing to start an invalid lineup will be fined $5.00 each time an infraction occurs. Any and all fines will be absorbed into the Kitty and paid out as part of the winnings at the YFFL Sports Banquet at the end of the season.


Invalid Lineups

Weekly starting lineups containing NFL players that are not playing due to injury, suspension, bye week, etc... will be considered invalid and fined $5.00 for each position affected. 


Because we carry only one Head Coach, Defense/Special Team, and Kicker, you will be forced to either drop each position on their scheduled bye week and pick up another via free agency, or keep the position(s) on your roster and pay the $5.00 invalid lineup fine on each occurrence. Please note that the fine will be applied on ALL positions. 


Please Note:     It is in the best interest of all owners to field the most competitive team that can be had from their individual roster every week. As the season progresses, fantasy match-ups, points scored and overall outcome will become important to EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE particularly those teams in the playoff race.  It is easy to lose interest in your team, especially if you’re losing. But remember, even if your team is not in the playoff race, chances are, the game your team is playing means feast or famine for someone else. Play fair, play fun, and above all be a good sport. Remember...this is a game.


Fantasy Football League Rules:  Playoffs



Youngstown Fantasy Football League Standings after WEEK #13


                        Record   Win  Division   Non-Div  Pts  Pts

West                    W  L  T  Pct   W  L  T   W  L  T  For Agns  Strk


Cardinals             10  3  0     Division Winner

Buncha Cheetahs         7  6  0     Wildcard Team #3

Cider Mill Demons       6  6  1     Wildcard Team #4

The Raptors             5  8  0  



East                    W  L  T 


Harley Davidson Eagles  9  4  0           Division Winner 

Gizmo's Geckos          4  8  1  

T-Bones                 4  9  0 

Mulva Rockets           4  9  0   



South                   W  L  T 


The Dawgs              11  2  0           Division Winner  BYE WEEK in Week #14  

Levittown Steelers      9  4  0           Wildcard Team #1

A-Town Flames           8  5  0           Wildcard Team #2  

Chickenhawks            6  7  0


Blue = Wildcard teams (ranked 1 through 4 by overall record)

Red = Division Winners

Green = Overall Best Record (#1 Seed entering the playoffs)


Ø      All playoff games will be matched up using the NFL formula of sixth seed vs. first seed, fifth seed vs. second seed, etc…


First round games would look something like this…..


Game 1:                       Demons vs. Cardinals

Game 2:                       Cheetahs vs. Eagles

Game 3:                       Flames vs. Steelers



Fantasy Football League Rules:  Playoffs


Second Round

Winners of the First Round of the playoffs will advance to the second round in Week 15… The League Championship Series. Again, the actual match-ups will be determined using the NFL formula of “seed number” which is based on overall record. The Championship Series is used to determine “Bowl” placement and the overall League Champion. The winner of each game will advance to the “Super Bowl” while the loser of each will advance to the consolation game, the “budd Bowl”.


Bowl Games

In Week 16, the final three games of the YFFL season will be played… “The Super Bowl” for the League Championship, the “budd Bowl”, used to determine 3rd and 4th place, and the Toilet Bowl. The winner of the Toilet Bowl will be awarded the 1st overall draft pick for the following season.


To eliminate the possibility of “tie” games during the playoffs, the league will convert to a decimal scoring system.


Fantasy Football League Rules:  Scoring


The ten players on a team’s active roster generate statistics that earn points and these points are added together for a weekly score. The winner of the game is the team with more points earned for the week.


Quarterbacks (QB), Running Backs (RB), Wide Receivers (WR), Tight Ends (TE)

6 points per rushing or receiving TD

4 points per passing TD

2 points per rushing, receiving or passing 2pt conversion

1 point per 20 yards rushing

1 point per 20 yards receiving

1 point per 50 yards passing

1 point per player for every 5 receptions

-1 point per interception thrown

5 bonus points awarded to an individual player that rushes for 150 yards, or more, per game.

5 bonus points awarded to an individual player that passes for 300 yards, or more, per game. 


Kickers (K)

5 points per 50+ yard FG made

4 points per 40 – 49 yard FG made

3 points per FG made 39 yards or less

1 point per extra point made


Defense/Special Teams (D)

10 points per shutout

7 pts for 2-6 points allowed

4 pts for 7-13 points allowed

6 points per defensive or special teams TD

2 points per turnover (interception or fumble recovery)

2 points per blocked kick (punt, FG, or extra point), or safety

1 point per sack


Head Coach (HC)

3 points per win



Fantasy Football League Rules:  Teams


Positions and Active Roster

A teams active roster consists of 9 players – six offensive players, one kicker, one head coach, and one entire defensive and special teams unit, which is considered to be a single player in the YFFL. The defensive unit includes the defense and special teams of a single NFL team. The nine active roster spots of each team are filled using the following requirements and position maximums.


1                     Quarterback

2                     Running Backs

2          Wide Receivers
1                     Tight End
1           Kicker
1           Defense/Special Teams

1                     Head Coach


Or you may field the RUN & GUN offense using 1 RB and 3 WR’s.


Ø      No team may have more than one Head Coach, Kicker, or Defense/Special Teams on their roster at one time.


Roster Size

A team’s minimum roster size is nine players, enough to field a YFFL team each week. Maximum roster size is fifteen.



Staying within the position maximums at Kicker, Defense, and Head Coach, the six bench positions have the following limitations:

                        No more than two (2) Running Backs on the bench

                        No more than one (1) Quarterback on the bench

                        No more than two (2) Wide Receivers on the bench

                        No more than one (1) Tight End on the bench


Injured Reserve

Injured Reserve:

At any time in the season, a team may lose a player due to a short-term injury. Example: Marshall Faulk goes down with a sprained ankle and will miss 2 weeks. Whoever currently holds Faulk may not wish to drop him, or anyone else, from their roster. At this time the team may wish to place Faulk on injured reserve for a Fee of ($1.00) so they can free up a roster spot. Once the player returns to play, he must be returned to your active roster immediately, or he will become a Free Agent.



Fantasy Football League Rules:  Trades


Player Trades

It is the responsibility of each team owner to initiate the trade sequence. All positions are available to trade from team to team at the start of the season until week #11 of YFFL play. There is no limit to the number of trades a team can make during the ten week period. Trades do not necessarily need to include the the same number of players, though each team must stay within the restrictions of the fifteen man roster. Once a trade is proposed by a team, and subsequently accepted by the other, the league office must be contacted by BOTH teams involved in the trade. The comissioners office will then contact the entire league and place the trade offer for peer review.  Responses/comments from all teams must be received within 24 hours. The Comissioner will then review the particulars of the trade and make a final judgement base off of the current information at hand, and any comments or information that was sent from the other owners.  Note that once a trade has been finalized, a reversal or veto will not take place.

Trades MUST be made in an attempt to benefit both teams. If a trade is discovered that appears to be collusive or will not fairly benefit both teams, the league office may reject the trade. The Commissioner further reserves the right to suspend or revoke a team owners’s right to propose trades if unsportsmanlike conduct is observed.


Ø      All trades are subject to a $1.00 per player transaction fee.


Trade Vetoes

The following are NOT sufficient reasons to veto a trade:


·         I changed my mind
Once you complete a trade; it's too late to change your mind. It's unfair to the other owner involved.

·         A player is injured AFTER the trade was accepted
As long as the player was healthy when the trade was made; I consider the trade to be in 'good faith'.

·         So-and-so is a proven veteran - how can you trade him for a rookie?
I’ve seen this often. I judge a trade on how likely I think it is that it will help a team. If each team has a decent possibility to improve, I'll OK it.


Reasons the League Office will consider vetoing a trade:


·         Both owners involved ask to cancel
Simple enough - no explanation needed.

·         Collusion
On rare occasions, collusion is very evident. I'll veto these automatically.

·         A recently injured player is involved, and the trade occurred right after the injury
This is to protect an owner who leaves an offer on the table, that is snatched up by an unscrupulous trading partner right after an injury is announced.

·         Trade is extremely unlikely to help one of the teams
This is the most controversial responsibility of the League Office. Usually, no matter what the final decision is, one or more owners will be unhappy. The decisions are not personal. They are informed decisions made by myself and if needed a 2nd and 3rd party (being Cliff Colwell and Timm Melago) and are based on empirical data and statistics. If, in the League's judgment, both teams have a reasonable chance to improve their position through the trade, and the trade is being made in good faith, the League Office will approve the trade. Many owners automatically protest a trade if a "big name" player is involved - however, fantasy value can differ (sometimes greatly) from real value or reputation. The decisions are often very close. The panel's responsibility is to make the most informed decision it can, based on the data available when it reviews the protest.


Decisions on protests are final. I will never re-create a voided trade. If you feel the League Office's decision was in error, I recommend re-proposing the trade and then registering a "protest" yourself, except you should include reasons to allow the trade instead of reasons to veto it. Situations can change - what was unfair last week may be fair this week. For example, a running back fighting for a starting spot would have his stock go way up if his competitor for the job was significantly injured.


Sending angry or obscene protests is a good way to get ignored. Pointing out that you protested a trade that was allowed, which turned out to be one-sided, is meaningless. Our decisions are not predictions of what will happen - nobody can know that. If we allow Edgerrin James for Curtis Martin - well, either player could have a great year, and either could slump. Right now, their potential is comparable, and this season could be up or down. If you feel that our opinion was in error and just want to let us know in a non-offensive manner, please send me a note and I’ll be happy to send you a considered reply - however, I will not reverse the decision.


Remember - the game is supposed to be fun. Get out there and make some deals!


Office of the Commissioner


Fantasy Football League Rules:  Transactions

Weekly Play

Teams can make changes to their lineup throughout the week. Players may be moved in or out of your active roster until they begin play each week. Each player becomes locked at their position in the active roster or bench at 10:00am of game day (carefully monitor Thursday and Saturday games in the latter half of the season). Players may not be moved again until the completeion of the weeks play on Monday evening. Any calls of lineup changes received by the league office after 10:00am of game day will not be accepted. If an owner elects not to call in a starting lineup, the previous weeks roster will be started automatically.



Ø      Be sure to check the NFL schedule prior to each week of NFL play.

Ø      Any Owner starting an NFL player that is injured suspended, or on a BYE week will be charged a $5.00 penalty per position, to be collected and deposited in the league kitty.



The Kitty, League Dues, Payouts & Expenses

The Kitty

The kitty is simply the YFFL Bank. All money collected is placed in the kitty until the end of the year when the money is paid to the top 5 places.


League Dues

As of the printing of this rulebook, current league dues are $75.00 per team per year.



To keep the league functioning smoothly and efficiently, there is one operational charge per year of $40.00. The YFFL uses FFLM software to operate all weekly functions including reports, line-ups, trades, free agents, etc.

Feel free to contact FFLM via their website at: with any questions or comments.


Other expenses during the year include $45.00 - $75.00 for trophies and awards.



Winners are paid at the Sports Banquet held at the end of the YFFL season. The current payout schedule is as follows:


Super Bowl (Week #16)

Champion gets:          Stephen Rocky Trophy                      2nd Place gets:            Runner –up Trophy

                                    Keeper Trophy                                                                        24% of Kitty

                                                                                                                             49% of Kitty           



budd Bowl (Week #16)

3rd Place gets:                                                                                          budd Bottle Trophy                        4th Place gets:    9% of Kitty

                                                                                                                             14% of Kitty



YFFL Hall of Fame Game (Week #16)

5th Place gets:                                                                                                       4% of Kitty                                    6th Place gets:                                         Banner / Award                                                           

                                                                                                                 HOF Game Trophy



Buckeye Bowl (Week #15)

7th Place gets:                                                                                     Buckeye Bowl Trophy                        8th Place gets:    Certificate



Bubba Bowl (Week #15)

9th Place gets:                                                                                         Bubba Bowl Trophy                        10 Place gets:    Consolation Prize



Toilet Bowl (Week #14)

Winner gets:                                                                                           1st overall Draft Pick                        Last Place gets:      Toilet Trophy



And don’t forget….

The F.U.B.A.R. Award

Presented to the Team and Owner who had the most forgettable season!!!





A few more things before we get started….



         It is the responsibility of each owner to field the best possible fantasy team every week. If you begin to lose interest in your team because of numerous loses or a lack of motivation, remember that another owner MAY be counting on your team to win. Not fielding a complete and competitive roster is only defeating the purpose of owning a fantasy team. This is a very competitive league and we all want to win… but above all have fun.


         Any issues of unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Disagreements or misunderstandings are almost inevitable. We are all adults (at least most of us are) and should be able to work any problems out accordingly. Remember, we are all involved in sports as spectators, parents, coaches, or at one time, players. It’s just not any fun to observe poor conduct… at any level.


         Please direct any questions regarding the YFFL directly to the Commissioner.




Good luck !!!



YFFL Commissioner